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​​Scientific Meditations to take you into a Deep state of awareness.
Achieve ​Divine Connection to live a life of fulfillment in a Beautiful State of Being.
​Meditations ​for people who achieve and live life at the highest levels.
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​Scientifically Produced Meditations

​Utilizing the latest in neuroscience research to get you into a deep meditative state.

Proven to ​Reduce Stress

Stress reduction is one of The most important reasons people get into mediation.

​A study of over 3,500 people showed that mediation as being more effective than prescription drugs.

​​Eliminate Anxiety

​​Meditation shown to reduce or eliminate disorders like phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behavior and panic attacks.

​Improve Emotional Health

Several meditations lead to feelings of improved self image, more positive fulfilling outlook on life and less stress.

​​Many studies ​show ​participants experienced long term decreases in depression as a result of decreased inflammatory cytokine chemicals.

Enhance Self Awareness

Many meditations ​help you develop a strong self understanding so you become your best self.

​​Self inquiry develops a deep sense of who you are at your core and how you relate to the people around you leading to a richer more fulfilling life.

What Other Top Performers Say...


I thought I had been meditating  for years. Yet I never realized that I was doing it all wrong and just wasting my time. After my first UniZen Meditation I could finally stop the Rate Race of my brain. I was in a place of great peace and calm. And that peace and calm lasted in the days to come.

All I can say is, I just wish I had discovered these meditations sooner.

C. M. ​​Lawyer


Like many people, I lead a busy life. Even when I am relaxing my mind is thinking of 1000s of things that I need to deal with. I have tried Yoga, Qi Gong, Thai Chi and a host of other things. NONE of them were able to do for me what these meditations did for me.

It was like I was asleep and awake at the same time.  I could dream, I could be in complete relaxation.  Time lost all sense of meaning.  I thought I was just there for 5 or 6 minutes and when I came back I saw that hours had gone by.

The more I do these meditations the easier it is.

S. D.​  Doctor, Mother


My mind was always racing along. I struggled to get even a moment of  peace.  Even going to sleep was difficult. After just the first meditation, I was hooked.  I started slowly and saw the effects immediately.  Even my wife and children noticed how much calmer and relaxed I was.

Now I regularly do the meditations without fail.My family is happier, my staff are more productive because I am able to be a better Leader.  

These are just some of the countless benefits that I never expected.

​D WCEO, Father, Husband

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