My Mission

Stop wasting time.  Meditate the right way for You.
My missions is to teach you how to do meditation right and stop wasting time just sitting there.  I also share with ancient wisdom so that you live a Serene Beautiful Life.  Some of the most successful people in the world are now discovering what ancient spiritual teachers have known for thousands of years.

When you are internally living in haste, your mind is like a motor is always running.  You feel fatigued because  you are constantly on a hamster wheel run and feel you don’t have enough time.

Your mind in an unhurried state is able to find time to savor every experience of life. A mind able to appreciate all the beauty of life’s existence.  Don't you want a mind that lives in the Beautiful state of being?

I'm Balbinder and my  life journey has taken me from a multi faceted corporate career in Finance working for Multinationals like, GE, Barclays and BP, into the world of personal & spiritual development to achieve fulfillment. 

I've been mentored by some of the top names in this field.  People such as Top Coach Anthony Robbins, “Rich Dad” Keith Cunningham, Relationship Experts - Ester Perrel & Jaiya,  O&O Academy Spiritual Sages - KrishnaJi and PreethaJi.

My life journey has been emotionally turbulent, eventful as it has been colourful. 

I discovered the huge benefits of meditation on a life changing trip to my birth country, India. It was here that I discovered my inherent talent for leading people into deep, relaxing meditative states.  This led me to certification as a Meditation Instructor under the Spiritual sages Krishnaji and Preethaji.

My mission in life now, is to help you to fully enjoy your life’s gifts and create a Beautiful life for yourself and your loved ones. 

From a very early age, people have always told me that I am an engaging and entertaining story teller.  I now love to share stories and wisdom picked up on my travels around the world. Stories to help you on your path of life.  Let me guide you on your spiritual journey to achieve a richer more fulfilling life, that you desire.

Meditation done correctly will give you the time and space to slow down the movie of life. You will experience Time differently. You will feel there is an abundance of time to do everything and more while you enjoy life. There will be time for yourself, your family and your work.

Starting with just 2 minutes a day you will be amazed at the results. Download a FREE 2 minute meditation to get started.

You will live each day in Serene Beauty.