Read what satisfied customers have to say about their experience of these meditations.

Balbinder's ​Meditations are off the charts.

​I thought I could just get free meditations from You Tube. Boy was I wrong, BIG TIME.

​After just ONE session I saw what I was missing out on.

The experience is beyond words.

Andrew Y -


Peace, Serenity, Calm, Connection and Joy. Just some of the feelings I experienced.

​The more I do these Meditations, the deeper these feelings are.

​I tried all kinds of spiritual practices and then I discovered these meditations.

They are prefect for my lifestyle and the rewards just keep coming.

Johan Nielson -


My brain ​felt so clear. 

​My thinking is sharper and quicker. I get more done and I have more time to really enjoy life.

What a discovery. I am telling all my friends about Balbinder. He has a real gift.

Lisa Marie  -

PhD Researcher

Paul Nieman

Before the meditation, I was feeling fatigued , wound up and exhausted.

In the space of just one session with Balbinder my energy went from nothing to off the charts.

You have to give these a go. They are not for everyone but if they work for you, there will be no going back to the way life was before.


The more I do these meditations the more I get and the richer my inner experience of life is.

I lead a busy life. Even when relaxing my mind is thinking of 1000s of things that to deal with. I have tried Yoga, Qi Gong, Thai Chi and other practices. NONE of them were able to do for me what ​Balbinder's meditations did for me.

​I felt a deep relaxation nothing before. Time lost all sense of meaning.  I thought I was just there for a few minutes and when I came back I saw that I had done 30 mins.

The more I do these meditations the better I feel.

​Sirpa D.-
Doctor, Wife, Mother.

After just the first meditation, I was hooked.

My mind had always been racing along. I struggled to find even a moment of  peace.  ​​ After the first meditation ​ my wife and children noticed how much more peaceful and relaxed I was.

I regularly do these meditations without fail. My family is happier, my staff enjoy working withe me. ​I am just a better Leader. 

​I never expected these benefits from something so simple.

David W -
CEO, Husband, Father

After just one Meditation with Balbinder, I could finally stop the Rat Race of my brain.

I thought I had been meditating  for years. Yet I was doing it all wrong for me.  I was just wasting my time.  

Now I am in a place of great peace and calm. And that peace and calm lasts. 

All I can say is, I just wish I had discovered these meditations sooner.

​Christina M - Lawyer

Florant Pascal

​Wow, what an experience.  I felt a deep connection to my inner Divine for the first time in my life.

My life is now so much more than I imagined. Synchronicities keep happening in my life.  My career, my friendships and my relationships are all richer and more fulfilling.

I MUST keep doing these meditations. 

Thank you so much for awakening this in me.

​I felt unconditional love, I felt warmth, I felt happiness like never before.

​​Where have you been all my life?

​I am a different person and it only took a short amount of my time.

Anne Marie Salmon 


Peace, calm and acceptance like I have never felt before.

​More people really should do this simple practice. It will change their lives immeasurably.


​Kelvin Porter -

​Grad Student

Pure Bliss, pure contentment, feelings that go beyond words.

​They should teach this to people in schools. 

Mariella M -


​Jean Paul R.

​An experience that is out of this world. 

I've been doing these regularly now and what a profound effect they are having on my life.

I can not thank you enough for what you have given me and the Man that I am now becoming.