2 Minute Calming Meditation
Super fast for busy people.
Price: $0.05
3 Minute Grounding Meditation
Quick Meditation to get you Grounded.
Price: $3.00

5 Minute Relaxing Meditation
Easy Meditation to take time for yourself.
Price: $7.00
9 Minute Smiling Meditation
Experience the quick joy of life.
Price: $17.00

18 Minute Spirit Sync Meditation
Create synchronicity in life.
Price: $27.00
30 Minute Intermediate Meditation
For those people who want to get a deeper connection to themselves. This meditation takes you into your serene inner world so that you feel recharged and rejuvenated.
Price: $47.00
45 Minute Weekly Mind Cleansing Meditation
Weekly practice for the mind, body and spirit.Currently in Production. Advance orders being taken at SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY price.Expected release in a few days.
Price: $97.00
90 Minute Advanced Deep Meditation
An Advanced deep practice.Available by Application only. After payment you will be sent a questionnaire to assess your suitability for this powerful practice.A full refund will be issued if you are not accepted.
Price: $197.00

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