​Aged 15 - 19?  Learn a sure fire way to figure out the next phase of your life?

Move from hell of uncertainty to the heaven of clarity

  • Do you feel like you’re lacking that direction you need in your life? 
  • Feel Lost no more.
  • Get a clear plan and road map the upcoming years of your life, to your better future. Now. 


Nestled within the tranquillity and lush, green landscapes of Buckinghamshire.  Surrounded by rolling valleys, tree-draped hills and elegant country estates. This enchants all who visit. Located in the heart of this charming region at the edge of the pristine Burnham Beeches reserve, the Burnham Beeches Hotel is the perfect destination for relaxing and exploring your future life.

Burnham Beeches Hotel

Grove Rd, 


Slough SL1 8DP,


7pm  Friday 10th July 2020 -

7pm  Sunday 12th July 2020

My Story

Feeling lost.

Throughout my life I have always had a vague idea of what I wanted in life and where I wanted to go, but I feel as though I never can achieve it or I am unsure of how to do so. Constantly I was doing what everyone else around me wanted and expected of me. I feel like I was doing good in some areas of my life, okay in some areas and just failing miserably in others! I really lacked that clear sense of direction and the emotional juice to put all of my ideas into action.

Must be a better way.

Each day it felt like I was just floating and getting things done because everyone around me was expecting that. I knew that I was a above average student of my class, I just wanted to be at the top of other areas in my life also.

Met a Guide.

Not being able to achieve this on my own, I was introduced to someone who knew exactly what my issues were and how to solve them. He guided me through some simple, yet highly effective and powerful thinking and feeling exercises that enabled me to come up with a tailor made plan for MY life.

Simple yet powerful.

When I look at my ideas, they do seem so simple yet I realized 99% of people do not do them, even being so simple. Most people want or need for someone to walk them through and guide them along the way and that is what you will get at this weekend event. Someone that will help you discover and guide you on your path for life.

Tough questions leading to Road Map.

You make the choices and decisions that you need to make in life. You will answer the tough questions that we all ask ourselves. You will come up with the road map for the next 1/3/5 years of your life. Each person is different and each person chooses their own path in life. All that you need is to spend the time in the right environment, with the right people and the right person guiding you.

Confusion to Clarity in 2 Days.

At the end of just two days, I had a clear idea of exactly what I wanted, why I wanted it and how to go about achieving it. I am now on my way to having the life I have always dreamed of. A dream life lived on MY terms not on how others say I should live.

Waste another weekend or invest in yourself?

Do you wish to spend another weekend doing what you normally do and get the same average results that everyone else gets, or do you want to invest in yourself and learn some powerful strategies to get great results that the top 1% get? Choice is yours.
Isn’t it worth investing a couple of days of your time to have your Dream life?

What you will get

  • You can not only gain a clearer path on your future but also clarity on the direction of your life as well as some assurance that you can do anything you put your mind to. At the end of the day, its your Life. So it's about what you want. Not mum, dad, sister, brother, cousin or teacher. You get the point, we all have someone telling us we can do better when what we really want to do, is right in front of us!
  • You will leave with a clear roadmap of what you need to do for the next 1, 3 and 5 years of Your life to reach the goals you wish to, along with a sense of purpose and the rocket fuel of motivation and inspiration to power through your life to achieve your full potential.
  • You will figure out what your dreams really are and know how to reach for the stars!
  • For the ones struggling to live your own life on your terms, this is for you – you will leave with knowledge, understanding and deep feeling for what you actually want out of life and how to achieve it; you will break away from the limits imposed on you by others.
  • You can gain the tools, skills and resources to help you make your dreams come true.
  • Throughout the weekend you will get to connect, meet and work with other people just like you, who won't settle for an average life and want a great life. You too will become part of a peer group of ambitious, Top performers.


Here’s what some previous highly successful participants have to say.

"Wow. One of THE BEST uses of my time for the whole year. I cleared away all the clutter in my mind and now spend my time focused on my goals. My time is now spent so much more effectively. I feel so much more focused."

"Instead of figuring this stuff for myself using trial and error, making painful and sometimes expensive mistakes, I wish I had been taught these kinds of things by someone to guide me along. There is no better way to spend a couple of days to figure out what you want from your life and how to get it. Priceless."

"If I had known about these strategies, I would have saved myself literally
thousands AND achieved my goals so much faster.
They really should be teaching this stuff to everyone at school BEFORE they waste years of their lives racking up huge student debt, doing the wrong subjects and being miserable."

"I literally had no idea where I was going to be in 3 years' time before I spent a weekend away to figure it out. Now I can see my future in 10 years and I am happy with the results. Its where I wish to be not where everyone around me wants me to be."

"I am so glad I attended this, instead of sitting in my room all day now; I actually have a sense of direction and I know where I want to go. AND what to do about it"

"Reaching for my goals has never been easier after attending this. I never really knew how to put my feet in the ground and do what I wanted, thanks to this weekend; I now can reach for my dreams and know exactly how to do so."


  • Clarity on the direction of your life.
  • To achieve your full potential
  • A sense of purpose and the rocket fuel of motivation and inspiration to power through your life.
  • A clear roadmap of what you need to do for the next 1, 3 and 5 years of Your life.
  • Figure out what your dreams really are.
  • To live your life on Your terms the way you want to live it.
  • Make your dreams come true.
  • Get the tools and skills and resources to help you make your dreams come true.
  • To break away from the limits imposed on you by others.

Our Offer to You

With such a great event, the places are really limited, so reserve your place now to ensure you don’t miss out.

You will be sent a short questionnaire s that we understand your specific needs. We want make sure that everyone gets exactly what they need. 

Come and also connect with other achievers just like you who want so much more from life and are willing to do the work to achieve a great life.

We have three different packages so there is something for everyone.

Reach your dreams, with the support from someone who has been in your shoes, and get what your life's currently lacking!

You can spend a weekend doing what you normally do and get the same average results that everyone else gets, or you can invest in yourself and learn some powerful strategies to get great results that the top 1% get. Choice is yours.

Book Now to ensure you don’t miss a spot.

Come to the first day and if you don’t feel that this is for you, we will give you a full 100% refund. No questions asked.

This program is for Top performers and those who are willing to take the action require to get great star results, only.

With nothing to lose, what are you waiting for?

If you have any doubts about if this is for you, drop us a line with any questions. We will see if this is for you. If we can’t help you, we will not waste your time and tell you straight. This is not for everyone. It is only for those top 1% or those that want be in the top 1%.

If you want an average life then you really should go elsewhere. We are for those that want more than just average and are willing to do the work to get there.

You can spend your time and money on things that don’t last and are easily forgotten, or you can invest in yourself to create a fantastic life for yourself.

Come and spend a weekend away with other ambitious people just like you. Discover your dreams and map your future the way you want to.


How do I know this will work?

What if I can't figure things out?

Why should I spend the money on this?

Who else is doing this?

I already know how to do all this.

Have you done this stuff?

Whose teaching this?

What qualifications do the course teachers have to teach this?

Why can’t this be taught at my school?

Is it normal for people to feel like this?

Will I be the only person there feeling this?

What are other people going to think about me being here?

Should I tell people I am attending this?

​What type of people is this for?

You​r Guides & Teachers

Balbinder had led a multi-faceted life that has included a career that went from Physics to finance to spirituality.  An engaging and inspiring speaker, he has been mentored by some of the worlds top coaches and Leaders. People such as Tony Robbins, Keith Cunningham, and KirishnaJi & PreetaJi. During his life he has always had some rock solid practices that have been tuned and developed over the year.

During this weekend, Balbinder will share some powerful practices as he guides you to navigate the choppy waters of an uncertain future.

Nikash knew he wanted to be successful and create a  great life for himself but his mind was numbed by the endless ideas being sold to him. From the next money making machine to people trying to convince him that being average is good enough and that he was a lunatic to want to achieve massive goals.

This is where the Project 135 Mastermind came in. He went through this process and believe me, he discovered that it’s not for the light hearted.  He forced himself to self analyse and become self-aware of who he really are and where he wants to go.  He came out the other side with; clarity on how to apply himself, a solid roadmap and ways to make sure that he stayed on track.  As well as this he got some great tips, call them life hacks if you will,

He discovered tried and tested billionaire habits as some of the extras he got. He said “If all you get from this process is a wakeup call on what is possible in life and a burning desire to do something exceptional with your life, you will have made 10 fold on your investment.”

Know you want something more but unsure about what to do or how to get there?  That’s exactly where he was and cannot express how transformative the experience has been for him.

Nikash knows where you are and has been in your shoes. He will help you to see the wood for the trees and make the right choices that will work for YOU.

You will be guided by someone who really understand you.

Surprise Guest Speakers.

We have also invited some Highly successful  and in demand speakers, to talk about their life stories and lessons that they can pass on to you 

Due to their busy schedules we are just waiting for confirmation of their attendance.

We can say that these are people who have ​gone on achieve beyond their wildest dreams in places like Google, Unilever and their own businesses. They would love to help you to achieve your dreams.

Contact us now if you have any Questions

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